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The Subscriptions tab of the Settings section allows users to view the status of their current subscriptions.

Subscriptions overview

The Subscriptions tab provides the following information:

  • Name of the subscription and its status

  • Subscription expiration date

  • Quota usage and limits, if a quota is set for a subscription

  • Request statistics: the average number of requests (monthly)

  • List of the modules included in the subscription and additional information about each of them

Viewing Information About a Quota

The information about a monthly request quota is displayed right under the subscription's name:

  • “Unlimited,” if no quota is set

  • data about limits, if a quota is set

To modify the existing quota limits, contact Wallarm Support.

Viewing Request Statictics

Monthly statistics are displayed under the “Monthly requests average” value.

Click the “View full usage history” link to open a pop-up window containing the full statistics.

In this window, you can sort the content either by the month or number of requests. To sort table entries, click the corresponding column.

Calculation of the Average Requests Value

Note that the number of requests in the current month is not taken into account when the “Monthly requests average” value is calculated.

Working with Subscriptions

Contact Wallarm Support to find out more about available subscriptions and included modules, to make changes to the current subscription plan, and to renew an expired subscription.

To contact support, either send an email or click the “contact us” link at the end of the Subscriptions page.