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What is new in WAF node 2.16

Below you will find the list of updates in the WAF node 2.16. To stay up‑to‑date about all Wallarm components, you can use our news portal.

Changes in supported installation platforms

  • Dropped support for the operating system CentOS 6.x

  • Dropped support for the cloud platform Heroku

  • Dropped support for the operating system Debian 8.x (jessie-backports)

  • Added CentOS 8.x support

  • Added Envoy support

  • Added Yandex.Cloud support

All platforms available for the WAF node 2.16 installation are listed here.

New features

  • Displaying versions of installed WAF, NGINX-WAF, and Envoy-WAF components in the Wallarm Console

  • New configuration directive wallarm_enable_libdtection reduces the number of false positives using additional attack validation with improved algorithms

    Memory consumption increase

    When analyzing attacks using the libdetection library, the amount of memory consumed by NGINX and Wallarm processes may increase by about 10%.

  • Ability to append or replace the value of the NGINX header Server. For setup, it is required to add an appropriate rule to the application profile. To add the rule, please contact our technical support

  • New WAF node statistics parameters:

    • db_apply_time: Unix time of the last update of the proton.db file
    • lom_apply_time: Unix time of the last update of the LOM file
    • ts_files: object with information about the LOM file
    • db_files: object with information about the proton.db file
    • overlimits_time: the number of attacks with the type of overlimiting of computational resources detected by the WAF node

    The full list of available statistics parameters is available here.

  • Installation of the WAF node in the form of the Kubernetes sidecar container

  • Increased assembly speed of LOM by 5-10 times on average. A more optimized process is now used to generate security rules. You can find more details about optimization in the post on our news portal

Update process

To update the WAF node, it is recommended to check the general recommendations for the process and follow the instructions for updating the installed modules: