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Upgrading the multi-tenant node

These instructions describe the steps to upgrade the multi-tenant node 4.x up to 4.10.

To upgrade the end‑of‑life multi-tenant node (3.6 or lower), please use the different instructions.


  • Execution of further commands by the user with the Global administrator role added under the technical tenant account

  • Access to if working with US Wallarm Cloud or to if working with EU Wallarm Cloud. Please ensure the access is not blocked by a firewall

  • Access to the IP addresses below for downloading updates to attack detection rules and API specifications, as well as retrieving precise IPs for your allowlisted, denylisted, or graylisted countries, regions, or data centers.

Follow standard upgrade procedure

Standard procedures are the ones for:

Creating the multi-tenant node

During the Wallarm node creation, please select the Multi-tenant node option:

Multi-tenant node creation