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Updating NGINX Ingress controller with integrated Wallarm WAF

These instructions describe the steps to update deployed Wallarm Ingress Controller to the new version with WAF node 2.14.

  • To update Wallarm Ingress controller, you need to clone new Helm chart version and apply updates to the installed version.

  • Current Ingress controller settings and Ingress annotations will be saved and applied to a new version automatically.


  1. Clone new Helm chart version from the Wallarm repository:

    git clone
  2. Update the previous Helm chart:

    helm upgrade --set controller.wallarm.enabled=true,controller.wallarm.token=<YOUR_CLOUD_NODE_TOKEN> <INGRESS_CONTROLLER_NAME> ingress-chart/wallarm-ingress -n <KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE>
    helm upgrade --set controller.wallarm.enabled=true,controller.wallarm.token=<YOUR_CLOUD_NODE_TOKEN>, <INGRESS_CONTROLLER_NAME> ingress-chart/wallarm-ingress -n <KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE>
    • <YOUR_CLOUD_NODE_TOKEN> is the token of the cloud WAF node received when installing Wallarm Ingress controller
    • <INGRESS_CONTROLLER_NAME> is the name of the Wallarm Ingress controller to update
    • <KUBERNETES_NAMESPACE> is the namespace of your Ingress


  1. Check that the version of Helm chart was updated:

    helm ls

    The chart version should correspond to wallarm-ingress-1.7.x.

  2. Get the list of pods specifying the name of the Wallarm Ingress controller in <INGRESS_CONTROLLER_NAME>:

    kubectl get po -l release=<INGRESS_CONTROLLER_NAME>

    Each pod status should be STATUS: Running or READY: N/N. For example:

    NAME                                                              READY     STATUS    RESTARTS   AGE
    ingress-controller-nginx-ingress-controller-675c68d46d-cfck8      3/3       Running   0          5m
    ingress-controller-nginx-ingress-controller-wallarm-tarantljj8g   8/8       Running   0          5m
    ingress-controller-nginx-ingress-default-backend-584ffc6c7xj5xx   1/1       Running   0          5m
  3. Send the request with test SQLI and XSS attacks to the Wallarm Ingress controller address:

    curl http://<INGRESS_CONTROLLER_IP>/?id='or+1=1--a-<script>prompt(1)</script>'

    If the WAF node is working in the block mode, the code 403 Forbidden will be returned in the response to the request and attacks will be displayed in Wallarm Console → Nodes.


Ingress controller settings and Ingress annotations will be automatically moved from the previous version to a new version. The list of all settings and annotations is available at the link.

Configuration use cases: