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Getting Started with the Wallarm Platform

Wallarm delivers all-in-one API security, identifying and shielding your APIs from vulnerabilities and malicious activities. To help you begin using the platform, we offer a Playground for exploration prior to signing up, a Free Tier upon registration, and access to expert support for a seamless experience.

Learn Wallarm in Playground

To explore Wallarm even before signing up and deploying any components to your environment, use Wallarm Playground.

In Playground, you can access the Wallarm Console view like it is filled with real data. Wallarm Console is the major Wallarm platform component that displays data on processed traffic and allows the platform fine-tuning. So, with Playground you can learn and try out how the product works, and get some useful examples of its usage in the read-only mode.


To try the Wallarm solution capabilities on your traffic, create a Free tier account.

Self-signup and Free tier

When signing up with Wallarm, you will create an account in the Wallarm Console, which serves as the central hub for navigating and configuring the Wallarm platform. The Console UI is hosted on the Wallarm Cloud.

Wallarm manages separate American and European cloud instances, each distinct in terms of databases, API endpoints, client accounts, and more. Therefore, your first step is to choose the Cloud you want to use.

  1. Choose your Wallarm Cloud:

    US Cloud EU Cloud
    Signup link
    Physical location USA Netherlands
    Wallarm Console URL
    Wallarm API Endpoint
  2. Follow the registration link either in the US or EU Wallarm Cloud and input your personal data.

  3. Confirm your account by following the link from the confirmation message sent to your email.

Once an account is registered and confirmed, it is automatically assigned with Free tier that allows you to explore the power of the Wallarm solution for free on 500 thousand monthly requests.

Continue by deploying the first Wallarm filtering node.

Guided trial

You can opt for a guided trial where our Sales Engineer team will assist you during the entire onboarding process. They will demonstrate the product's value over a 2-week period and help you deploy Wallarm filtering instances to filter your traffic.

To request this trial, please email us at

Start securing your traffic

After creating your Wallarm account, the next step is to initiate the deployment of a Wallarm filtering node. This essential component handles and filters your incoming traffic, enabling Wallarm's traffic analysis, attack prevention, and vulnerability detection capabilities.

Choose a Wallarm node deployment option