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Custom Deployment Options

If you are interested in custom deployment options that are not listed on our supported option list, we are happy to collaborate with you to find a solution that perfectly aligns with your unique needs.

There are various scenarios where you may require a custom Wallarm deployment build, such as specific infrastructure requirements, security needs, integration dependencies, and more. Here are some examples of cases when a custom deployment build may be necessary:

  • Services are running on a cloud platform that is not listed as a supported option.

  • Deployment procedure involves a combination of several technologies or is running in hybrid environments with a mix of on-premises and cloud-based infrastructure, making it challenging to choose the right deployment option from the pre-defined list.

  • You require an out-of-band solution for a specially crafted traffic mirror.

  • Services are compatible with custom versions or types of Ingress controllers, web servers, load balancers, etc that are not mentioned in the documentation.

    If you are looking for the Wallarm DEB/RPM packages for a custom NGINX version, refer to the specific instructions on how to get it.

To request a custom Wallarm deployment option: