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Custom NGINX Packages

If you require Wallarm DEB/RPM packages for an NGINX version that is different from the stable version, NGINX Plus, or the distributive version, you can request a custom Wallarm build by following these instructions.

By default, Wallarm DEB/RPM packages are available for the following NGINX versions:

The Wallarm module can be integrated with a custom build of NGINX, including NGINX mainline, by rebuilding the Wallarm packages. To rebuild the packages, please contact the Wallarm technical support team and provide the following information:

  • Linux kernel version: uname -a

  • Linux distributive: cat /etc/*release

  • NGINX version:

  • Compatibility signature:

    • NGINX official build: egrep -ao '.,.,.,[01]{33}' /usr/sbin/nginx
    • NGINX custom build: egrep -ao '.,.,.,[01]{33}' <path to nginx>/nginx
  • The user (and the user's group) who is running the NGINX worker processes: grep -w 'user' <path-to-the-NGINX-configuration-files/nginx.conf>