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Wallarm platform and third-party services interaction

If some issues occur during the Wallarm platform and third-party services interaction, check this troubleshooting guide to address them. If you did not find relevant details here, please contact Wallarm technical support.

What third-party services Wallarm platform interacts with?

The Wallarm platform interacts with the following third-party services:

  • GCP storage to download an actual list of IP addresses registered in allowlisted, denylisted, or graylisted countries, regions and data centers.

    Before installing Wallarm, we recommend to ensure your machine has access to GCP storage IP addresses.

  • Tarantool feedback server ( to upload standard Tarantool instance data to.

    The in-memory storage Tarantool is used by the Wallarm postanalytics module deployed to your machine from the wallarm-tarantool package. The Tarantool storage is deployed as two instances, custom (wallarm-tarantool) and standard (tarantool). A standard instance is deployed along with a custom one by default and is not used by the Wallarm components.

    Wallarm uses only a custom Tarantool instance which does not send any data to However, a default instance can send the data to the Tarantool feedback server once per hour (more details).

Can I disable sending the standard Tarantool instance data to

Yes, you can disable sending the standard Tarantool instance data to as follows:

  • If you do not use the standard Tarantool instance, you can disable it:

    systemctl stop tarantool
  • If the standard Tarantool instance is addressing your issues, you can disable sending the data to using the parameter feedback_enabled.