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Compatibility of Wallarm filtering node with NGINX versions

If the NGINX version installed in your environment is different from stable, Plus or from the one installed from the Debian/CentOS repository, learn how to install Wallarm from this document.

Is Wallarm filtering node compatible with NGINX mainline?

No, Wallarm filtering node is incompatible with NGINX mainline. You can install Wallarm node in the following ways:

  • connect to the official open source NGINX stable following these instructions

  • connect to NGINX installed from Debian/CentOS repositories following these instructions

  • connect to the official commercial NGINX Plus following these instructions

Is Wallarm filtering node compatible with the custom build of NGINX?

Yes, the Wallarm module can be connected to the custom build of NGINX after rebuilding Wallarm packages. To rebuild the packages, please contact Wallarm technical support team and send the following data:

  • Linux kernel version: uname -a

  • Linux distributive: cat /etc/*release

  • NGINX version:

  • Compatibility signature:

    • NGINX official build: egrep -ao '.,.,.,[01]{33}' /usr/sbin/nginx
    • NGINX custom build: egrep -ao '.,.,.,[01]{33}' <path to nginx>/nginx
  • The user (and the user's group) who is running the NGINX worker processes: grep -w 'user' <path-to-the-NGINX-configuration-files/nginx.conf>