Checking Vulnerabilities

You can check vulnerabilities on the Vulnerabilities tab of the Wallarm interface. By default, the list is sorted by the vulnerability discovery date.

Vulnerabilities tab

Wallarm stores the history of all discovered vulnerabilities and checks them regularly — both the open and closed ones. If a closed vulnerability opens as a result of checking, you will receive a corresponding notification.

Clicking a vulnerability displays its change log.

Sort the Vulnerabilities by Risk or Date

Select risk or date next to the Sort by: label.

Filter the Active and Closed Vulnerabilities

Click Active to see the active vulnerabilities.

Click closed to see the closed vulnerabilities.

You can filter the closed vulnerabilities by clicking the following selectors:

  • all: The list of closed and false vulnerabilities.
  • fixed: The list fixed vulnerabilities only.
  • false: The list of false vulnerabilities only.

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