Integrations Overview

The Integrations tab of the Settings section allows you to configure reports and notifications on various events.

All integrations are divided into the following blocks:

  • Reports:
    • Personal—the reports that are sent to your email. You can also configure these reports on the Profile tab of the Settings section.
    • Email reportsconfigure the list of other email addresses that the reports should be sent to.
    • Slackconfigure your team's Slack channel notifications.
    • Telegramconfigure the Telegram reports and notifications.
    • Sumo Logicconfigure the Sumo Logic notifications.

  • Incident management:
    • OpsGenieconfigure the OpsGenie notifications.
    • PagerDutyconfigure the PagerDuty notifications.
    • Splunkconfigure the Splunk notifications.
    • Sumo Logicconfigure the Sumo Logic notifications.

Integrations Overview

You can use the Add integration button in the top right corner to add new integrations in addition to the displayed blocks.

Adding Integrations

You can use the All, Enabled, and Disabled buttons in the top part of the Integrations tab to filter the displayed integrations.

Filtering Integrations

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