Verifying attacks

Wallarm automatically rechecks the attacks.

You can check the attack verification status and force an attack recheck on the Attacks tab.

Check the attack verification status

  1. Click the Attacks tab.
  2. Check the status in the "Verification" column.

Attack verification statuses

  • Verified – The attack has been verified.
  • Issued – The attack verification is not supported.
  • Forced – The attacks with a raised priority in the verification queue.
  • Scheduled – The attacks queued for verification.

Forcing an attack verification

  1. Select an attack.
  2. Click the status sign in the "Verification" column.
  3. Click Force verification.

Wallarm will raise the priority of the attack verification in the queue.

Attack types that do not support verification

The attacks of the following types do not support verification:

  • Brute-force.
  • Forced browsing.
  • Attacks with a request processing limit.
  • The attacks for which the vulnerabilities have already been closed.
  • The attacks that do not contain enough data for verification.

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