Rules for data masking

Requests to a web-application may contain sensitive data which should not be transferred outside the server on which it is processed.

Typically, this category includes authorization (cookies, tokens, passwords), personal and payment data.

Wallarm Node supports data masking in requests. The real values will be replaced by * and they won't be accessible either in the Wallarm Cloud but or in the local post-analysis module. This method ensures that the protected data cannot leak outside the trusted environment.

It can affect the display of attacks, active attack (threat) verification as well as the detection of brute force attacks.


  • the application is accessible at the domain
  • the application uses PHPSESSID cookie for user authentication
  • security policies deny access to this information to employees using Wallarm

Then, to create a data masking rule for this cookie, the following actions should be performed:

  1. Go to Settings -> Rules
  2. Find the branch for**/*.* and click Add rule
  3. Choose Mark as sensitive data
  4. Set the parameters Header COOKIE, cookie PHPSESSID after in this part of request
  5. Click Create

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