Dashboard: cost of attack

The Dashboard –> Cost of attack tab displays data as a clickable graph about the cost of the resources that the hackers spend to execute the attacks on the protected resources.

To view detailed information, click a point on the graph. All attacks in the selected point of time will be displayed in a table on the Attacks tab.

Cost of attack calculation

For each attack, Wallarm calculates the cost of the resources used to execute the attack.

Cost of resources for the attack = cost of equipment + cost of tools

Cost of equipment

If the origin of the attack is in a cloud infrastructure, Wallarm takes from publicly available sources the average instance price in the cloud infrastructure and uses it for the calculation.

If the origin of the attack is VPS, Wallarm checks the rent price of a similar server.

Wallarm assumes that if the resource is hacked or misappropriated, then the cost of this action is comparable to the market price of resource's lease.

Cost of tools

The cost of tools corrects the total cost of attack.

Wallarm takes into account the market value of the tools used in the attack, such as the license for vulnerability scanners, etc.

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