Working with the perimeter

You can see the information on the company's public resources on the Scanner tab of the Wallarm interface.

The Wallarm scanner discovers the perimeter.

Check the resource associations

Click one of the perimeter elements: Domain, IP, or Port. The Wallarm interface will display the selected element's associations.

Disable the resource scanning

You can disable scanning for any of the resources within the perimeter. In so doing, the resource you selected will remain in the system as detectable, but will not be scanned for vulnerabilities.

  1. Click one of the perimeter elements: Domain, IP, or Port.
  2. Click the switch next to the selected element.

Delete a resource from the perimeter

You can delete any resource from the perimeter. The purpose of this operation is to delete an accidentally added resource.

  1. Select the resource to remove.
  2. Click Delete.

Add a domain or an IP address

You can manually add a domain or an IP address.

Click Add domain or IP.

Limit scanning speed

You can limit the speed of domain and/or IP address scanning. The total speed of sending requests by the scanner will not exceed the specified value.

  1. Select one of the perimeter elements: Domain, IP.
  2. Click the Limit RPS button or the current limit value.

To return to the default settings, use an empty value or "0".

Find resources

There is a special filter on the tab that lets you limit the display results for domains, IP addresses, and ports. The search uses substrings. For example, the query displays all domains that have, and their associations.

Resource dependency

The resources domain, IP address and port are interdependent.

A domain always has a higher priority than an IP address, and an IP address always has priority over a port.

When you disconnect or delete a resource with a lower priorty, the resource with a higher priority remains active.

For example, when you disconnect a domain, the system will also disconnect the IP address and ports that depend on the domain.

When you delete an IP address, the system will also delete the associated ports, but keep the domain active, because a domain may have more than one IP address.

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