The Filter Node Errors out with «libproton error: did not allocate memory»


This issue is irrelevant for the latest filter node version users.

See the full error message in the log file:

nginx: the configuration file /etc/nginx-wallarm/nginx.conf syntax is ok
nginx: libproton error: did not allocate memory
nginx: wallarm enabled but wallarm training set file /etc/wallarm/lom is invalid, please check wallarm_local_trainingset_path
nginx: configuration file /etc/nginx-wallarm/nginx.conf test failed

The error cause is in that the shared memory is smaller than the LOM file.

Increase the shared memory value to make it bigger than the LOM file:

  1. Open for editing the configuration file in /etc/nginx-wallarm.
  2. Set the wallarm_shm_size value bigger than the size of the file /etc/wallarm/lom.

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