Setting Up Filter Node Auto-Scaling in the Google Cloud: Overview

You can set up Wallarm filter node auto-scaling to make sure that filter nodes are capable of handling traffic fluctuations (if there are any). Enabling auto-scaling allows the processing of incoming requests to the application using the filter nodes even when traffic soars significantly.

Preliminary requirements

Setting up auto-scaling requires the image of the virtual machine with the Wallarm filter node.

For detailed information about creating an image of the virtual machine with the Wallarm filter node on Google Cloud, proceed to this link.

Connecting to the instance via a custom private key

If during base instance creation process you have enabled connection to the instance via a custom SSH key pair, make sure you have access to the private key from this key pair.

To auto-scale filter nodes in the Google Cloud, perform the following steps:

  1. Set up filter node auto-scaling:
    1. Create a filter node instance template;
    2. Create a managed instance group with auto-scaling enabled;
  2. Set up incoming requests balancing.

Required rights

Before setting up auto-scaling, make sure that your Google Cloud account has the Compute Admin role.

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