Deploying as an Amazon Machine Image (AMI)

To deploy an Amazon Machine Image with Wallarm Node:

  1. Log in to you Amazon Web Services account.
  2. Launch a Wallarm Node instance.
  3. SSH to the Wallarm Node instance.
  4. Connect the Wallarm Node to Wallarm Cloud.
  5. Set up filtering and proxying rules.

1. Log in to your Amazon Web Services account

Log in at

2. Launch a Wallarm Node instance

Launch your Wallarm Node instance from Amazon Marketplace. The instance will launch with a pre-installed Wallarm Node.

For the reference: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud: Launching an Instance.

3. SSH to the Wallarm Node instance

Use the admin user name to connect to the instance.

See Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud: Connecting to Your Linux Instance Using SSH.

4. Connect the Wallarm Node to the Wallarm Cloud

The filter node interacts with the Wallarm cloud located on a remote server.

The addnode script connects the filter node to the Wallarm cloud.

  1. Run the script addnode:

    You have to pick the script to run depending on the Cloud you are using.

    EU Cloud
    US Cloud
    sudo /usr/share/wallarm-common/addnode
    sudo /usr/share/wallarm-common/addnode -H

  2. Enter the login and password. This is the same login and password that you use to access Wallarm console at or The profile must have the Administrator role and 2FA should be disabled. If the profile has the Analyst role or has 2FA enabled, the script will error out.

API Access

The API choice for your filter node depends on the Cloud you are using. Please, select the API accordingly:

Ensure the access is not blocked by a firewall.

5. Set up filtering and proxying rules

Uncomment the wallarm_mode string in the file /etc/nginx-wallarm/conf.d/wallarm.conf.

To uncomment, remove the # character at the beginning of the string.

By default, the directive is set to offwallarm_mode off.

Set it to monitoring.

File contents example:

# Wallarm module specific parameters

wallarm_mode monitoring;
# wallarm_mode_allow_override on;

Instance memory allocation for the Wallarm Node

Wallarm Node uses the in-memory storage Tarantool.

By default, the amount of RAM allocated to Tarantool is 75% of the total instance memory.

You can change the amount of RAM allocated for Tarantool

To allocate the instance RAM to Tarantool:

  1. Open the Tarantool configuration file:

    vi /etc/default/wallarm-tarantool

  2. Set the amount of allocated RAM in the SLAB_ALLOC_ARENA in GB. For example, to set 24 GB:


  3. To apply changes, restart the Tarantool daemon:

    systemctl restart wallarm-tarantool

The installation is complete

Check that the filter node runs and filters the traffic. See Check the filter node operation.

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