Fine-tuning of Wallarm Ingress Controller

Official documentation for NGINX Ingress Controller

The fine-tuning of Wallarm Ingress Controller is quite similar to that of NGINX Ingress Controller described in the official documentation. When working with Wallarm, all options for setting up the original NGINX Ingress Controller are available.

Additional Settings for Helm Chart

Default Settings

  enabled: false
  token: ""

      annotations: {}

    replicaCount: 1
    arena: "0.2"

      failureThreshold: 3
      initialDelaySeconds: 10
      periodSeconds: 10
      successThreshold: 1
      timeoutSeconds: 1
    resources: {}

    enabled: false
      clusterIP: ""
      externalIPs: []
      loadBalancerIP: ""
      loadBalancerSourceRanges: []
      servicePort: 9913
      type: ClusterIP


Allows you to enable or disable Wallarm functions.

Default value: false


The Cloud Node token created in Wallarm console. It is required to access to Wallarm API.

Default value: not specified


The number of running pods for postanalytics. Postanalytics is used for the behavior-based attack detection.

Default value: 1


Specifies the amount of memory allocated for postanalytics service. It is recommended to set up a value sufficient to store requests data for the last 5-15 minutes.

Default value: 0.2


This switch toggles information and metrics collection. If Prometheus is installed in the Kubernetes cluster, no additional configuration is required.

Default value: false

Global Controller Settings

Implemented via ConfigMap.

Besides the standard ones, the following additional parameters are supported:

Ingress Annotations

These annotations are used for setting up parameters for processing individual instances of Ingress.

Besides the standard ones, the following additional annotations are supported:

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