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NGINX-based Ingress Controller Monitoring

Other recommendations

Wallarm’s version of the Kubernetes Ingress controller is based on the community-supported NGINX Ingress controller for Kubernetes, so the majority of recommendations found in the official Ingress controller documentation and on the public Internet are also applicable to Wallarm’s Ingress controller.

Recommended reading:

The general aspects of NGINX Ingress controller monitoring are already well covered on the Internet. Wallarm provides an additional set of monitoring metrics that should be monitored in a mission-critical environment. The /wallarm-metrics metrics service is disabled by default.

To enable the service, set controller.wallarm.metrics.enabled to true:

      enabled: true

The following is a list of Wallarm-specific metrics in Prometheus format available via the newly exposed endpoint:

# HELP wallarm_abnormal abnormal requests count
# TYPE wallarm_abnormal gauge
wallarm_abnormal 5
# HELP wallarm_tnt_errors tarantool write errors count
# TYPE wallarm_tnt_errors gauge
wallarm_tnt_errors 0
# HELP wallarm_api_errors API write errors count
# TYPE wallarm_api_errors gauge
wallarm_api_errors 0
# HELP wallarm_requests_lost lost requests count
# TYPE wallarm_requests_lost gauge
wallarm_requests_lost 0
# HELP wallarm_overlimits_time overlimits_time count
# TYPE wallarm_overlimits_time gauge
wallarm_overlimits_time 0
# HELP wallarm_segfaults segmentation faults count
# TYPE wallarm_segfaults gauge
wallarm_segfaults 0
# HELP wallarm_proton_errors libproton non-memory related libproton faults events count
# TYPE wallarm_proton_errors gauge
wallarm_proton_errors 0
# HELP wallarm_time_detect_seconds time spent for detection
# TYPE wallarm_time_detect_seconds gauge
wallarm_time_detect_seconds 0
# HELP wallarm_db_id proton.db file id
# TYPE wallarm_db_id gauge
wallarm_db_id 9
# HELP wallarm_lom_id LOM file id
# TYPE wallarm_lom_id gauge
wallarm_lom_id 38
# HELP wallarm_custom_ruleset_id Custom Ruleset file id
# TYPE wallarm_custom_ruleset_id gauge
wallarm_custom_ruleset_id 38
# HELP wallarm_proton_instances proton instances count
# TYPE wallarm_proton_instances gauge
wallarm_proton_instances{status="success"} 4
wallarm_proton_instances{status="fallback"} 0
wallarm_proton_instances{status="failed"} 0
# HELP wallarm_stalled_worker_time_seconds time a worker stalled in libproton
# TYPE wallarm_stalled_worker_time_seconds gauge

Detailed information about monitoring setup and the list of available metrics is provided in this documentation.