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Configuring SSO authentication for users

You can enable or disable SSO authentication to Wallarm portal users.

Enabling SSO authentication for users


  • When enabling SSO authentication for users, a login/password log in mechanism and the two-factor authentication will not be available. When SSO authentication is enabled, the user's password is erased and two-factor authentication is disabled.
  • It is assumed that you have already given the required group of users access to the configured Wallarm application on the Okta or G Suite side.

To enable SSO authentication for Wallarm users:

  1. Go to SettingsUsers.

  2. From the user menu, select Enable SSO login.

Enabling SSO for Wallarm user

In the pop-up window, you will be prompted to send a notification to the user that SSO authentication is enabled. Click the Send notification button. If the notification is not required, click Cancel.

After that, the user can authenticate through the identity provider.

Note that you can also enable SSO for all company account users using the Strict SSO mode.

Disabling SSO authentication for users

To disable SSO authentication for Wallarm users:

  1. Go to SettingsUsers.

  2. From the user menu, select Disable SSO.

Disabling SSO for Wallarm user

After that, the user will be notified by an email that the login using SSO is disabled with a suggestion (link) to restore the password to log in with the login/password pair. In addition, two-factor authentication becomes available to the user.

SSO and API authentication

When SSO is enabled for the user, authentication for requests to Wallarm API becomes unavailable for this user. To get working API credentials, you have two options:

  • If the strict SSO mode is not used, create user without SSO option under your company account, and create API token(s).

  • If the strict SSO mode is used, you can enable API authentication for the SSO users with the Administrator role. To do this, select Enable API access from this user menu. The SSO+API auth method is enabled for the user which allows creating API tokens.

    Later you can disable API authentication for the user by selecting Disable API access. If this is done, all existing API tokens will be deleted and in a week - removed.

Strict SSO mode

Wallarm supports the strict SSO mode that differs from the regular SSO in that it enables SSO authentication for all company account users at once. Other characteristics of the strict SSO mode are:

  • The authentication method for all existing users of the account is switched to SSO.

  • All new users get the SSO as the authentication method by default.

  • Authentication method cannot be switched to anything different from SSO for any user.

To enable or disable the strict SSO mode, contact the Wallarm support team.

How active sessions are treated when enabling strict SSO

If there are any users signed into the company account when it is switched to the strict SSO mode, these sessions remain active. After sign out, the users will be prompted to use SSO.

SSO authentication troubleshooting

If the user cannot sign in via SSO, the error message is displayed with one of the error codes described in the table below. In most cases, the company account administrator can fix these errors:

Error code Description How to fix
saml_auth_not_found + userid User does not have SSO enabled. Enable SSO as described in the section above.
saml_auth_not_found + clientid Client does not have an SSO integration in the Integrations section. Follow the instructions in the integration with the SAML SSO documentation.
invalid_saml_response or no_mail_in_saml_response The SSO provider gave an unexpected response. It may be a sign of a misconfigured SSO integration. Do one of the following:
  • Make sure there are no mistakes in the SSO integration configured in the Integrations section of Wallarm Console.
  • Make sure there are no mistakes in the configuration on the SSO provider side.
user_not_found Wallarm did not find the user with the specified email. Create a user with this email in Wallarm Console.
client_not_found The company account was not found in Wallarm. Create a user account with an appropriate email domain, which will create the company account immediately.

If necessary, administrator can contact the Wallarm support team to get help in fixing any of these errors.