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Wallarm Subscription Plans

Wallarm is the only solution that unifies best-in-class API Security and WAAP capabilities to protect your entire API, and web application portfolio in multi-cloud, cloud-native and on-premise environments. You can easily choose the set of functionality that best suits your needs.

WAAP and Advanced API Security

Cloud Native WAAP - WAAP (Web Application & API Protection) subscription provides web applications and APIs with protection against common threats such as SQLi, XSS, brute force, etc. It supports all API protocols but does not cover some specific API threats.

WAAP + Advanced API Security. This bundle enhances general WAAP capabilities with comprehensive API Security tools to cover all OWASP API Top-10 threats.

Feature WAAP WAAP + API Security
Real-time protection
DDoS protection (L7) Yes Yes
Geo/source filtering Yes Yes
IP reputation feeds Yes Yes
Attack stamps (SQLi, XSS, SSRF, etc.) Yes Yes
Customer defined signatures Yes Yes
Virtual patching Yes Yes
Brute force protection Yes Yes
Forced browsing protection Yes Yes
Distributed rate limiting Yes Yes
BOLA protection Manual triggers Automated protection
API Abuse Prevention (bot management) No Yes
Credential Stuffing Detection No Yes
API Specification Enforcement No Yes
GraphQL security policies No Yes
Security posture
Exposed asset scanner Yes Yes
Vulnerability assessment Yes Yes
API Discovery No Yes
Sensitive data detection No Yes
Rogue API Detection (shadow, orphan zombie) No Yes
Security testing
Active threat verification Yes Yes
OpenAPI security testing No Yes
Additional options
Deployment options All All
Integrations All All
Number of users Unlimited Unlimited
SSO authentication Yes Yes
Role-based access control (RBAC) Yes Yes
Multi-tenant Yes (by request) Yes (by request)
Period of event storage 6 month 6 month
Support Standard/Advanced/Platinum Standard/Advanced/Platinum

API Attack Surface

The API Attack Surface subscription plan provides a comprehensive view of publicly exposed APIs and related information with zero deployment and minimal configuration.

Currently, the subscription plan includes the API Leaks functionality.

Free Tier

For smaller companies and educational purposes, Wallarm offers the option to create a Free Tier account yourself. You can choose the Wallarm cloud that best suits your storage preferences:

The Free Tier accounts allow:

If a Free Tier account exceeds 100% of the monthly quota, your access to the Wallarm Console is disabled, along with all integrations. When reaching 200%, protection on your Wallarm nodes is disabled. These restrictions will be in effect until the first day of the next month.

You can easily remove all restrictions by migrating to paid subscriptions.

Recommendation on usage

Using a Free Tier account for functional evaluation and comparisons is not recommended. You should contact our support team and request a free trial subscription instead.