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Wallarm Subscription Plans

When subscribing to Wallarm, you choose a plan that meets your business needs the most. From this document, you can learn available subscription plans and the functionality they enable.

Wallarm provides the following subscription plans:

  • Cloud Native WAAP (Web Application & API Protection) that is a Next-Gen WAF providing web applications and APIs with protection against common threats.

  • Advanced API Security provides comprehensive API discovery and threat prevention across your entire portfolio, regardless of protocol.

    The Advanced API Security subscription plan is sold as an add-on for Cloud Native WAAP.

Subscription plans

Feature Cloud Native WAAP WAAP + Advanced API Security
OWASP coverage
OWASP Top 10 Yes Yes
OWASP API Top 10 Partially Yes
Protected resource types
Web applications Yes Yes
APIs Partially Yes
API protocol support
Legacy (SOAP, XML-RPC, WebDAV, WebForm) Yes Yes
Mainstream (REST, GraphQL) Yes Yes
Modern and streaming (gRPC, WebSocket) No Yes
Real-time threat prevention
Input validation attacks, e.g. SQL injection, RCE Yes Yes
Virtual patching Yes Yes
Geolocation filtering Yes Yes
Protection from automated threats
Brute-force protection Yes Yes
BOLA (IDOR) protection Manual setup Automated protection
API Abuse Prevention No Yes
Credential Stuffing Detection No Yes
Observability options
API Discovery No Yes
Finding shadow, orphan and zombie APIs with API Discovery No Yes
Sensitive data detection No Yes
Security testing and vulnerability assessment
Active threat verification No Yes
Vulnerability Scanner No Yes
OpenAPI security testing on CI/CD No Yes
Security event monitoring
Integrations with SIEMs, messengers, etc All All
Audit log Yes Yes
Deployment options All All
Multitenancy Yes (by request) Yes (by request)
User management
SSO (SAML) authentication for users Yes Yes
Wallarm API
Access to Wallarm API Yes Yes

Features may operate Partially when they depend on unavailable functionality, e.g. WAAP protects APIs partially because it analyzes requests sent via the limited set of API protocols.

To activate a subscription plan, please send a request to Subscription cost will be determined based on the chosen plan, its period, and incoming traffic volume.

Information about an active plan is displayed in Wallarm Console → SettingsSubscriptions.

Paid subscription plan

Subscription notifications

Wallarm notifies Administrators and Global Administrators of your account via emails about any issues with a subscription:

  • Subscription time period expiration (60, 30, 15 days before and when the time period has expired)

  • Exceedance of monthly quota for processed requests (when 85% and 100% of a quota has been reached)

In addition to that, the Wallarm Console UI displays the message about subscription issues for all users.

Free tier subscription plan (US Cloud)

When a new user is registered in Wallarm Console of the US Cloud, a new client account with a Free Tier subscription plan is automatically created in the Wallarm system.

The Free Tier subscription includes:

  • The Wallarm features available for free up to the quota of 500 thousand requests per month with no limitation in time. The quota resets on the first day of each month.

  • Access to the Wallarm platform as Advanced API Security, except for the following:

What happens if the quota is exceeded?

If the company account exceeds 100% of the Free Tier monthly quota, your access to the Wallarm Console is disabled, along with all integrations. When reaching 200%, protection on your Wallarm nodes is disabled.

These restrictions will be in effect until the first day of the next month. Contact the Wallarm sales team to restore service immediately by switching to one of the paid subscription plans.

Information about the Free Tier subscription usage is displayed in Wallarm Console → SettingsSubscriptions.

Wallarm notifies Administrators and Global Administrators of your account via email when 85%, 100%, 185% and 200% of the free request quota have been exceeded.

Trial period (EU Cloud)

When a new user is registered in Wallarm Console of the EU Cloud, a new client account with an active trial period is automatically created in the Wallarm system.

  • The trial period is free.

  • The trial period lasts 14 days.

  • Wallarm trial provides the maximum set of modules and features that can be included in the WAAP plan.

  • The trial period can be extended for 14 days more only once.

    The trial period can be extended in the Wallarm Console → SettingsSubscriptions section and via the button from the email notifying about the end of the trial period. The email is sent only to users with the role Administrator and Global Administrator.

  • If the trial period expired:

    • The account in Wallarm Console will be blocked.
    • The Wallarm node and Wallarm Cloud synchronization will be stopped.
    • The Wallarm node will operate locally but will not get any updates from the Wallarm Cloud as well as will not upload data to the Cloud.

    When a paid subscription to Wallarm is activated, access to the client account is restored for all users.

Information about the trial period is displayed in Wallarm Console → SettingsSubscriptions.