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Custom ruleset backup and restore

To protect yourself from accidentally misconfigured or deleted rules, you can backup your current custom ruleset.

There are the following rule backup options:

  • Automatic backup creation after each custom ruleset build. The number of automatic backups is limited to 7: for each day when you change the rules several times, only the last backup is kept.

  • Manual backup creation at any time. The number of manual backups is limited to 5 by default. If you need more, contact the Wallarm technical support team.

You can:

  • Access current backups: in the Rules section, click Backups.

  • Create a new backup manually: in the Backups window, click Create backup.

  • Set name and description for the manual backup and edit them at any moment.

    Naming for automatic backups

    The automatic backups are named by the system and cannot be renamed.

  • Load from existing backup: click Load for the required backup. When loading from the backup, your current rule configuration is deleted and replaced with the configuration from the backup.

  • Delete backup.

    Rules - Creating backup

Rule modification restrictions

You cannot create or modify rules until creating backup or load from backup is complete.