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Wallarm nodes (earlier - Cloud nodes)

The Wallarm node is used in cloud‑based deployments on Amazon AWS, Google Cloud Platform, and in Kubernetes Ingress controller deployments.

Creating filtering node

You can create a Wallarm node while setting up integration with the platform or using the following instructions:

  1. Open Wallarm UI → Nodes.

  2. Click Create node and select Wallarm node.

  3. Enter node name and click Create.

    Creating Wallarm node

  4. Copy the token of the created node. You can also copy the token from the node card.

  5. To complete the node installation, follow the instructions for your respective platfrom:

Viewing details of filtering node

Details of installed the filtering node are displayed in the table and card of each filtering node. To open the card, click the appropriate table record.

The following node properties and metrics are available:

  • Node name that was given to the node upon creation

  • The average number of requests per second (RPS)

  • Node IP address

  • Unique node identifier (UUID)

  • Token of the node

  • Time of the last synchronization of the filtering node and Wallarm Cloud

  • Date of the filtering node creation

  • Number of requests processed by the node in the current month

Cloud node card

If one Wallarm filtering node is installed for multiple instances, then the corresponding number of filtering nodes is grouped into one record in the table. Properties and metrics will be available for each instance.

Regenerating the token for a filtering node

Token regeneration creates a new token for the node.

  1. Open Wallarm UI → Nodes.

  2. Click Regenerate token in the node menu or card.

  3. If the node is already installed in your infrastructure, copy the new token value and specify it within the installed node settings.

Regenerating Wallarm node token

Deleting filtering node

When the filtering node is deleted, filtration of requests to your application will be stopped. Deleting the filtering node cannot be undone. The node will be deleted from the list of nodes permanently.

  1. Open Wallarm UI → Nodes.

  2. Select one or more filtering nodes and click Delete. You can also delete the filtering node by selecting a button off the node menu or node card.

  3. Confirm the action.