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Dashboards Overview

The Dashboards section on your Wallarm account shows the event history's graphs and metrics of the system, as well as the current status of resources. Data is displayed on two dashboards:

Getting started with Wallarm

If you registered the Wallarm account in the US Cloud, you would be able to explore core Wallarm features in the Playground with read-only access to the Wallarm Console sections. Use it to try out major features of the Wallarm platform without having to deploy any components to your environment.

The Dashboard section also includes the Get started button for new users. When you click the button, you will get a list of helpful product discovery options with the following among them:

  • The Onboarding tour option will provide you with deployment options supported by Wallarm and links to relevant deployment instructions.
  • The Wallarm Playground option will forward you to the Wallarm Console playground with read-only access to its sections. This option is available only for users of the US Cloud.