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How to Install Wallarm Packages from the Local JFrog Artifactory Repository for CentOS

To install Wallarm packages from the JFrog Artifactory repository on a host dedicated to a filter node, perform the following actions on this host:

  1. Navigate to the JFrog Artifactory web UI via either the domain name or IP address (e.g., http://jfrog.example.local:8081/artifactory).

    Log in to the web UI with a user account.

  2. Click the Artifacts menu entry and select a repository containing the Wallarm packages.

  3. Click the Set Me Up link.

    Working with the repository

    A pop-up window will appear. Type your user account’s password in the Type Password field and press Enter. Now, the instructions in this window will contain your credentials.

    Typing in the credentials

  4. Scroll down to the yum configuration example and click the Copy Snippet to Clipboard button to copy this example to the clipboard.

    An example of configuration

  5. Create a yum configuration file (e.g., /etc/yum.repos.d/artifactory.repo) and paste the copied snippet into it.


    Make sure to remove the <PATH_TO_REPODATA_FOLDER> fragment from the baseurl parameter so that the baseurl points to the root of the repository.

    An example of the /etc/yum.repos.d/artifactory.repo file for the wallarm-centos-upload-local sample repository:

    #Optional - if you have GPG signing keys installed, use the below flags to verify the repository metadata signature:
  6. Install the epel-release package on the host:

    sudo yum install -y epel-release

Now you can follow any installation instructions for CentOS. You will need to skip the step where the repository is added because you have set up a local repository instead.