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Step 1: Generating Parameters on the Wallarm Side (G Suite)

To connect SSO with G Suite, you will first need to generate some parameters on the Wallarm side.

Activate the SSO service on the Wallarm side first

By default, SSO connection on Wallarm is not available without activating the appropriate service. To activate the SSO service, please contact your account manager or the Wallarm support team.

After activating the service you will be able to perform the following SSO connection procedure.

Log in to Wallarm Console using your Administrator account and proceed to the G Suite integration setup following Settings → Integration → Google SSO.

The “Google SSO” block

This will bring up the SSO configuration wizard. At the first step of the wizard you will be presented with a form with the parameters (service provider's metadata) that should be passed to the G Suite service:

  • Wallarm Entity ID is a unique application identifier generated by the Wallarm application for the identity provider.

  • Assertion Consumer Service URL (ACS URL) is the address on the Wallarm side of the application on which identity provider sends requests with the SamlResponse parameter.

Service provider's metadata

The generated parameters will need to be entered into the corresponding fields on the G Suite service side (see Step 2).