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Wallarm Overview

Wallarm is a DevOps‑friendly Web Application Firewall (WAF) uniquely suited to protect your cloud applications and APIs.

Wallarm's hybrid architecture safeguards your resources by offering:

Wallarm does the following:

  • Discovers

    Discovers your company's hosts, domains, and services accessible from the outside by combining deep scanning and accessing data from external

  • Analyzes

    Applies machine learning to reconstruct the application logic and API schema based on the resource's traffic.

    Creates dynamic blocking rules based on abnormal data patterns.

  • Protects

    Blocks unauthorized access, evaluates attacks, and alerts on high‑risk attempts targeted at the validated vulnerabilities. Applies virtual patches.

  • Verifies

    Analyzes and actively replays the applications' input/output payloads to determine if an exploit is possible.